What we do

It is crucial to protect your family and home from harmful and damaging pests. That is why we, at Solstys, work hard to provide the best service for residential/commercial pest control. By using non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and odorless products to ensure safety for children and pets.

We pride ourselves in being the most thorough pest control company on the market today. Our extensive service doesn’t just cover a small strip of your foundation like our competitors. We cover your home top to bottom.

5 Point Protection

Every time we visit your home we will conduct the same, above industry standard, inspection and service. Our Five Point Protection for household pest control includes:

1. Foundation

power spray treatment of your home foundation with chrysanthemums derived Pyrethroid.

2. Granular lawn

application of lawn treatment within 10 ft of home foundation.

3. Speciality pest coverage

Other companies will charge anywhere from $80-$135 for the removal of wasp or hornet nests. Not Solstys. Specialty pest treatment is included in our standard service.

4. Perimeter shrubs

Treatment of shrubs within 10 ft of your home.

5. Eaves and pitches

We will sweep them out every time…spider webs, mud dobbers, etc. Just another example of our commitment to provide extraordinary service without nickel and diming you.